The Gazelle Value

The Images in this presentation are artistic impressions and purely for illustrative and confidentiality purposes.


What makes the Gazelle Platform so special? We are proposing a new concept of a floating platform. We split the two classical functions every floater has to provide to get a much lighter and cost-effective platform. These two functions are:

1. Buoyancy, provided by the three cylinders

2. Stability, provided by the arms-legs-mooring system

Null Pitch

The geometric design makes the platform move horizontally and vertically with wind and waves, with almost zero pitch angle. Although most offshore wind turbines are designed to support pitch angles up to 10º, this creates additional wear and tear on some components. Null pitch means less wearing, less maintenance, longer life of the Wind Turbine Generator (WTG), hence additional working hours, and greater ROI.

The Mooring System

Installation and Comissioning

It is easier and more cost-effective to transport the Gazelle platform to the site versus any other floater. Some competitor platforms are three times bigger / heavier and some even ten times bigger / heavier if made with reinforced concrete. We only need a normal size tug that can tow the Gazelle and its WTG to the site assuming a sea below Beaufort 7. The size and power of the tugs are always proportional to the size of the floater.

The Mooring System

Gazelle’s mooring loads are about four times lower than its equivalent Tension-leg platform (TLP) structure. Reduced mooring loads imply lower foundation costs and installation costs. This is a consequence of having a much lighter structure to moor compared to other similar Semi-submersibles loads. Our umbilical cable will also be manageable than other floating platforms, given that the horizontal movements will be 70% less than current Semisubmersible platforms in a similar location (depth).

Manufacturing / Assembly

Almost all components of the Gazelle platform are smaller / lighter, hence the necessary space in the harbour, the shipyard, and the cranes used will make Gazelle more competitive than any other platform currently on the market today. The estimated potential savings of a Gazelle platform versus other currently produced platforms may exceed Euro 1 million per MW.

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