Ms. Marta González

Project Management - Engineering Team

Marta is currently responsible for the technical engineering delivery end to end of the GAZELLE platform working for the Gazelle Technical Director which includes structures, hydrodynamics, moorings and anchor. She leads a dedicated multi-discipline team drawing as required on SAFIER INGENIERIE sas resources. She is an international expert structural engineer specialized in offshore steel structures, primarily for renewable energy and oil & gas sectors at SAFIER INGENIERIE sas. As main responsibilities, it includes development of the scope of work, budget and schedule, development of conceptual design, approval from classification societies and offshore and site supervision during fabrication and installation phases.


She has experience working in Europe, USA and Asia leading, multidisciplinary and multicultural teams communicating, inspiring and empowering all team members. Marta has experience as project manager, delivering safe and economic innovative projects from conceptual phase to decommissioning to all stakeholders satisfaction.


In addition to her Master of Science in Civil engineering by Universidad de La Coruña, Marta has accredited formation in project management (George Washington University), Occupational risk prevention (Universidad Internacional de La Rioja), Quality and Environmental Control (Fundación Laboral de la Construcción), Innovation and change management (University of California – Berkeley) and Wind energy (Technical University of Denmark).