Dra. Amaia Salazar

Visual & Graphic Designer

Amaia is the visual and graphic designer of Gazelle Wind Power Limited.


She has a Ph.D. in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and has two graduate degrees in Fine Arts and Design with a Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Management from UFV.  She has an Investigation, Art and Creation master's, having enjoyed a UCM Excellence Scholarship, an honorary scholar in the Art History department, and a Ph.D. Fellowship (PIF) from the UCM and Santander Bank at the Artistic Education Department and is currently a professor and postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UCM.

Her education in visual arts is complemented by the study of cognition and emotional intelligence, studying Cognitive Neuroscience at Nirakara Institute and Psychology at Oxford University. More than 8 years of experience in the visual field has allowed her to work on graphic design and creative and technological innovation projects in prestigious companies such as Coca-Cola, PhoneHouse, Fundación Telefónica, and Baidewei Magazine in the Marketing and Creativity department.

Amaia is part of different research projects financed by the Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities of the Spanish Government and the European Union. She is a research member of the "Inter-University Group of the Pedagogical Museum of Children's Art" (GiMuPAI) of the UCM and the "Innovation and Image Analysis Group" (IAI) of the UFV, researching welfare and image.

Amaia regularly gives lectures, talks, and workshops at the University of Oxford, the University of Bologna, University Complutense of Madrid, the Manchester School of Visual Arts, the MediaLab Prado, and the Fundación BilbaoArte of Bilbao.  Her work has been shown in more than 30 national and international exhibitions, such as the Edinburgh Art Fair, ABC Museum, Donostiartean, Soirzine Miami, among others. She has obtained different awards and recognitions as the youngest artist in the Revelarte Photographic Competition (ESTAMPA, 2012), First International Photography Biennial Award (Bcn, 2014), finalist The Billboard Creative (Los Angeles, USA, 2016), Felipa Manuela Award (2017), Residencia de Estudiantes CSIC (Madrid, 2017), BAFFEST Awards (Bilbao, 2018) and ARTSFAD Awards (Bcn, 2019).