Gazelle is a new and innovative concept of

Efficient and energy savings floating offshore platform

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Our Mission

Gazelle Wind Power Limited was founded to accelerate the transition to renewable energies by introducing the next generation of advanced offshore wind platforms.

Gazelle has a strong, experienced, top talent Board of Directors, of which Dr. Javier Cavada is the Chairman. Dr. Cavada has a solid track record and expertise in building successful companies, understands what it takes to manage rapid growth, and introduce new technology to the energy market.

Additionally, Gazelle’s Board of Directors brings 200 years of high-level successful energy Industry experience and business acumen.

The key for market growth is the reducing Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) through lowering of CAPEX and OPEX, and improving yield. Gazelle offers to do all of the above.


Some key value add features and advantages of our advanced semisubmersible floating wind platforms are:

  • Three-leg floating sub-structure

  • SAM: Semi-submersible Attenuated Mooring

  • Compact dimensions

  • Small pitch, reduced loads on tower and Wind Turbine

  • Generator (WTG), leading to lower WTG costs and increased availability, effectiveness, and longevity

  • Deep-water moorings, lower costs

  • Smaller horizontal movements, smaller swept area, and drift than other Semi submersibles

  • Less mooring loads leading to lower costs

DNV GL rules and certification will be applied and demonstrated from end-to-end of the value chain over the entire life cycle of our projects from concept to decommissioning.

We are now seeking expressions of interest from parties who would like to join us in our process to ensure the Gazelle platform becomes the first choice for developers globally.

Jon Salazar - Signature.png

Jon Salazar

Founder and President

Gazelle Wind Power Limited



Gazelle is a unique and innovative floating platform with its reduced weight and stability it allows for dramatic cost savings and increases in energy production. 


Gazelle Wind Power owns Proprietary Technology and all related IP regarding its Semi-submersible Attenuated Mooring System which reduces mooring allowing for a more economical and efficient floating foundation:

50% costs decrease or more in materials and labor for platforms manufacture, in comparison to existing Semi-Submersible (SS) and Tension-leg platforms (TLP).

60% costs reduction or more for installation, as compared to TLP platforms.

Allows access to deep waters, with null pitch always and with 70% capacity factors or more.

Estimated savings well above € 1 Million/MW, reducing considerably the levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

We are currently evaluating Joint Venture (JV) strategies with Key players in the offshore wind industry and have partnered with experienced engineering companies in this sector.


“We want our beautiful islands, the Canary Islands, to be the embodiment and global example of sustainability. We welcome new and advanced offshore Wind Energy technologies like Gazelle to contribute to our health and prosperity for the years to come."

Eloísa Moreno Talaya - Director of Energy and Industry,
Canary Islands

"We are in an industry where it is most common to just copy and piggyback on someone else's technology but Gazelle is the only evolutionary step-change in offshore wind platform technology that I have seen in years. This is and will be a game-changer in the industry."


“Offshore wind energy represents many challenges but will be the future growth engine of renewable energy in the foreseeable future. Gazelle's unique and innovative offshore wind platform design can overcome these challenges and provide a foundation for growth in the industry.”

Martin Berkenkamp - CEO A2E Gmbh